Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Age of Sigmar Painting

Hi Chaps,

Its been a busy few weeks here. I have now completed 24 Bretonnian Bowman, 16 Men at Arms, a Strumpet and several Dwarves. The Reaper mini of the female Dwarf on a Polar bear is I feel the most unique of the bunch.

Added to the figure count are four buildings for Frostgrave/AoS and a large ruin for 40K. I am making the most of my free time

I have constructed a small box to take pictures in and i am currently experimenting with Pixlr.as you can see this is far from perfected but it is a pleasant enough problem to have. The Frostgrave treasure markers are fun to make and the table is just one of four that have been completed so far.

Keep blogging!


  1. Very nice job, love the knights and the table especially...

  2. Thanks Chaps! The Bretonnians are pretty much done...at last

  3. What a fabulous array of miniatures, you've certainly been busy.

    1. Thanks Michael I think its the darker nights or the cooler weather, the painting table seems far more welcoming!