Friday, 30 October 2015

Gates of Antares and Horus Heresy release date.

Hi Chaps,

Do miniatures companies watch each other closely and regard each other as enemies? The release dates for The Gates of Antares and Horus Heresy seem very close and almost deliberate? Without a doubt I will be purchasing some science fiction at the beginning of November but the Horus thing may lose out as its a board game...I still may go for GW though.

Try as I might I cannot seem to get Space marines right. It is just as well that I buy them relatively cheap off ebay because if I had paid full price I would be annoyed with how they turn out. I have 25 of the little sci fi terrors now and may-just may- be getting used to the awkward little things.

The figures in the photo will get their bases completed tonight along with two command figures, now I need something for them to shoot at, Tau are top of the list.

What would you Chaps go for? A bucket load of Tau and some paint or The Gates of Antares (which would be yet another system to learn and start collecting)?

Finally Osprey Black Ops is on its way to my HQ....this should be very interesting and I will keep you posted.

Keep blogging.


  1. I am trying so hard to NOT buy the Antares box, but launch day is the Crisis show in Antwerp and I have to visit the Warlord stand for some Terminator Genisys stuff...
    This isn't going to end well :-)

    1. haha I know your pain! It does look good....maybe it should be a christmas present too yourself?