Thursday, 11 February 2016

Enjoying the painting vibe

Hi Chaps,

Maybe it's the weather but I have enjoyed rising a little earlier than usual to get an hour or so of painting in, does anyone else do this? Mostly it has been 20mm Germans but for a break I have been painting the odd Space Marine that my eldest bought me as a birthday gift or a random figure that has been taking up space in a little box somewhere.

The two chancers above are almost finished with just a basic lick of paint and with no particular project or army in mind there is no restriction on colour or theme. Having mentioned armies I will put some pics of my Germans up when the next company has been completed, they are competing for space along with their Russian comrades on my "to do" list....dozens of them!

The space issue has compelled me to put a few odd figures on ebay which will no doubt help fund more figure purchases and not really solve the space issue at all....again does anyone else have this habit? I do enjoy drooling over pictures of others gamers figure cabinets mostly to see how they are stored but I always end up finding more figures that I "need" to paint!

Take care and keep blogging!