Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lion Rampant


Just a quick update on my Wars of the Roses Perry figures.

They are hard to paint!

Is it just me or does anyone else find these little chaps a tad small and full of detail? It is taking me an age to make progress which is a shame as I really want to try out the Lion Rampant rule set.In order to turn this into a marathon I will order the Mercenary box set because I really would like some pikemen painted up as Scots....

So, mounted crossbowmen, halberds and bowmen await me on the desk, my respite from these intricate figures are some zombies. For every three or four Perries I treat myself to a couple of zeds which are so easy it feels like speed painting!

The Perry twins once helped me date a halberd of my fathers (strange thing to have around the house...) and they were really helpful despite being busy, nice chaps who have really helped most gamers in their pioneering of plastic production. Now back to the medieval 28mm world of difficult figures to paint figures!


  1. Stick at it, because they look great.

  2. I agree with Mr. Awdry. Keep going the results are definitely worth the effort.

  3. Looking really smart. A good project. Do stick with it.

  4. Thanks for the support and encouragement Chaps. These little men will end up painted eventually.

  5. Yeah. Detailed figures but they are really good. Well worth the slower paint time it takes in the end. cheers

  6. These are lovely. Great work!

  7. Thanks again Chaps, the next batch are ready for primer. I must have dropped every other piece as I made these!

  8. Great looking WotR troops! Thanks for joining my blog too! Warm regards, Dean

  9. That's why I don't go 28mm...terrific work sir. Well worth the patience.

    1. Haha you are right to stay away from 28mm, it has been torture.