Monday, 15 February 2016

Progression as a hobbyist?

Hi Chaps,

I have been thinking about how one advances within this hobby? Obviously we all have our own personal goals and I suppose mine as a solo gamer (very rarely a gamer) is to try and improve the standard of my painting.

Others may want to build a complete army or compete in competition or even win awards...war gaming is an intensely personal endeavour. I don't suppose that there is a flow chart of progression or a set standard for improvement that can be measured but occasionally one knows when an individual has raised the bar for everyone.

Take a bow Moiterei. This blogger has an amazing skill with a brush and his World War Two Germans are stunning. In comparison I am painting with crayons but for hints and tips on painting this site is a must go to for mere mortals.

James Wappel is surely world (wargame?) famous and his blog too is a must see for any war gamer looking for hints tips or inspiration. War gaming truly is an art form when taken to Mr Wappel's level.

So, no time soon will I be painting like either of these two masters (there are of course many others) but the next time I paint a figure I may take just a little more care or add one more line or shade because of something I saw on the masters blogs....

Have fun progressing and keep blogging!


  1. I offer you tips from someone who not so long ago (3-4 years) successfully left gaming to become a display painter...
    1) paint everything, every size, every genre.
    2) join cmon and start a wip thread and you will meet some great folks who will help push you and guide you to improve
    3) paint everything (many are in the UK)
    4) take some workshops if any are offered near you. (Tommie soule of golem painting has a bunch in the UK every year)
    5) paint everything.

    Cheers and welcome to the darkside :)

    1. Thanks Zab, this is good advice, I will have a look at the Cmon website as I have never heard of it before. Thanks again.

  2. You picked out two of my favourite bloggers there. Not only is there work superb, but they are extremely helpful and generous with their time if you have a question.

    1. Great minds really must think alike Michael! I have never contacted them but I do save lots of pictures of their work.