Saturday, 20 February 2016

Osprey just take my money!

Hi Chaps,

It is Saturday yet again! The weeks seem to go by quicker as I get older but this week I managed to cram in one big painting session which saw six mounted figures assembled, primed, painted and based! I have never managed this before so maybe my painting has become quicker?

The figures are the very affordable Perry miniatures from their Wars of the Roses range and I have to say that I even enjoyed the snipping and gluing involved in the construction process. Another six to go and my late medieval cavalry needs will almost be complete...then onto the long bowmen.

Osprey books have produced yet another winner in the form of Lion Rampant which read very well and I am sure will be fun to use. Almost all the rule sets that I have purchased lately have been from Osprey who just seem to get their subject just right. The range covered by Osprey is growing and I can only hope that they bring out a post Apocalypse set for the inevitable Zombocalypse....come on Osprey I am relying on you (unless Warlord or Mantic do a decent job first).

The photo of my messy work station sets my skin on's a military thing but I like to have order in my little space. As soon as I publish this I am off to clean out the table and have my paints and brushes back in rank!


  1. I like your idea of a messy work space! What were you, a guardsman :)

  2. Excellent job, six touted troops assembled and painted in a session - wow, that is certainly quick by my standards!

  3. Messy work station means it gets used !

  4. Thanks Chaps! The Perries need a knighthood for their services to (poor) gamers