Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Assault Group and Project Z arrive.

Hi Chaps,

Today was a good day. My family are thriving, no bad news and my postie arrived carrying lots of goodies.

The Assault Group order arrived and contained a lot of well packed minis as well as a bonus mini which will find lots of use as an officer of some sort in a militia or poorly trained army unit. As always the quality of The Assault Group is just outstanding-Brian Ansell (?) I think was the sculptor of these and they remind me of Mark Copplestone who is also amazing...I am really pleased with this order and they will be the first to be painted.

As you can see the figures were quickly spruced up and based ready for a black undercoat. The close protection team look really nice with very dynamic poses as do the militia with pistols, excellent figures.

The next parcel contained Warlord Games "Project Z" which I admit I bought because it was cheap, indeed this is a massive bargain as you get the game and a box of figures of your choice for £ delivery!

My extra box had to be zombies but I do expect that I will take advantage of Warlords 3 for 2 offer on their boxes and invest in female survivors, modern infantry and yet more zombies. A small problem has occurred with this order as there were no rules (I downloaded these) and the cards were in French! The Game Sequence sheet was in English....anyway as I have no wish to employ my poor schoolboy French into my hobby time I have informed Warlord Games-I will update you as too what happens.

Surprisingly the rules for this game are very clever. I prefer traditional dice but having read through my downloaded, printed out set I think these are well worth a try and are an option to the Total AR:SE set that I have had for some time. I do hope that Warlord continue to support this game as the quality of the figures and rules are better than anything I have seen in this hobby before.

As is probably the case with most war gamers I can see my own interpretation of the rules being used already, as yet I have not watched the vids on youtube but for the cost of this game you cannot go wrong (unless you get French cards LOL).

Well keep gaming and blogging Chaps, great times for men and women who like playing games with soldiers.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you post pictures of these guys painted. I like the Assault Group as well. Lots of nice easy-to-paint detail. Solid figures - they can be gamed with without having to worry about spindly little rifle barrels breaking off.

    1. Tim you are so right about the TAG figures. They do seem to stand up to use on the table better than a lot of manufacturers out there and the chunkiness is not noticeable on the table.

  2. I must have a look at the Assault Group, are they UK based? As for Project Z, I am very interested. I Had originally left them alone as I had backed walking dead, but that price is very tempting.

  3. A brilliant opening paragraph - it's good to hear that things are going well.

    I'll be looking forward to reading how Project Z plays out with solo play. I think it's be the way I'd go if I went the zombie route.

    Michael - I second the TAG recommendation. They are in the UK and have some nice quirky ranges that I thing will appeal to you. In fact, didn't you have some of their armed clowns?

    1. Thank you Edwin as soon as you mentioned armed clowns I remembered where I had heard of them before - your good self had mentioned the armed clowns, I think in a post relating to zombie clowns, but I have to admit it is all a bit fuzzy now. I will certainly be adding a couple of packs of some of their ranges in due course. Thank you both.

    2. Thank you Chaps, it is always good to hear from you. The Project Z game is almost made for solo because the rules are so simple, I will be having a game shortly and will let everyone know how it worked out.