Friday, 10 February 2017

Toy Cars repainted for 28mm

Hi Chaps,

Almost a crisis in my painting world as I have run out of figures to splash paint onto! (OK if I am being honest I have 20 Darkest Africa waiting and around 30 Space Marines but I am not in the mood).

So with no little dudes to paint I am resorting to car boot 1/48 1/50 1/55 scale toy cars to repaint so that they will match my tabletop men and buildings. I feel that without a repaint they just never match the scenery nor the table itself-they are just too shiny looking!

Anyway this is the process that my toys go through to look more like the rest of my collection-to be fair a couple of my cars are nearly as old as I am! I always purchase them from car boots or from ebay at ridiculously cheap prices...£1 or £2 pounds and when you examine the casts they are actually little precision works of art.

First step above is to drill out the rivets holding the major parts together...

Give a caustic soda bath to anything that needs a lot of paint removed. I have ignored the chassis on these trucks and just lightly sanded the paint to give the black spray some grip...

Undercoat everything matt black (or white if you want a pale top colour).

Apply your main hobby colours and weather the vehicles a lot if you are representing Africa/Middle East or Asia. I saw a lot of hand painted cars and trucks out there so you really cannot make any mistakes....brown was a major choice for home painters...why is anyone's guess!

So that is it until my TAG figures and Warlord Zombie game arrives. If you want to give this a go Lesney Superkings seem to work for 28mm, I have a Unimog on the way and a Securitas truck (to be used as a SWAT team truck) soon to arrive. Corgi's larger vehicles work well and I am searching for their Transit van from the 70's!

A lot of these models will be older than the readers of this blog...

Thanks for popping by and keep blogging you are all excellent.


  1. Loving these and for a little time and effort they transform into something rather special.

    1. Thanks Michael, modern games need lots of vehicles but thank fully these are cheap.