Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Building a Plastic and Lead Mountain named 2017.

Hi Chaps,

Well what a year so far! There has been some great releases from Warlord and I have had the opportunity to purchase figures from a couple of my favourite manufacturers and it is still only early March.

This year will finally see me pull the trigger on Age of Sigmar (along with the Generals handbook) and maybe some more moderns. In fact I have a long list of figures that I will actually purchase for that "rainy day". One small problem is that as I get more money to buy figures I get less time to paint....first world of work problems but I am certainly not complaining. (I wish I could do a graph to show this).

I will post pics soon Chaps

I read your mini adventures still-just at work!

Keep Blogging.

Friday, 3 March 2017

TAG African Militia Unit

Hi Chaps,

Well I have managed to kill another camera! No idea what happened but it is no longer of any use so I borrowed the wife's camera for these shots.

The first African militia unit from The Assault Group is finally complete (except for the RPG which I will have to check the colour scheme of). This group was painted in little sessions as I had not planned to do them...I just fitted them in as life allowed. In retrospect I had no need to buy two units and two technicals because the chances of having them all on the table at one time are very slim indeed.

The Assault Group figures are easy to paint even for my old eyes and they should match well with the Copplestone figures that I intend to order when the defence budget is not under intense scrutiny (ie when the wife is not paying attention).

The Arab type "sleazy Abdul" figure and his body guards are also TAG figures and were easy to paint, these figures will find plenty of use if I ever get around to obtaining a board 3 feet or so square.

I do have a pool of modern types that could be described as private military contractors from a number of manufacturers but the chunkiness of TAG are my favourites. Placed next to Empress they look odd but together they have an almost comic book style.

Despite being busy I have used whatever free time I have to quickly paint up some zeds and assemble the motorcycles from "Project Z" from Warlord games. I am so impressed with this game that I will be buying the new Samurai game from Warlord "Test of Honour" which looks very interesting. Initially I was put off by the non traditional use of dice in the Warlord games set but now I am actually enjoying the system and the Samurai system looks very clever indeed.

I am sure that you will have seen it but here is the link anyway. By structuring the game and providing everything needed to start Warlord are helping someone like myself who has no discipline to actually get a game ready to play before being distracted!

Lastly I found the Czar and his family! Not yet finished but these will be completed and will most probably just sit on my shelves-does anyone else buy figures that they have no actual use for?

Thanks for popping by Chaps, keep blogging.