Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Painting again at last

Hi Chaps,

Well the week off is amazing. Everyday so far I have been able to paint something a little bit different and it feels good. Now with my painting itch scratched it may be time for some games-Bolt Action is the favourite for a quick game and rules learning session.

I have used up a few hours free time watching videos on youtube on how to photograph miniatures and whilst it has been helpful I think I do need more lights. The following pics were taken at 18" and I may close this gap to 12" for the next set-macro was off.

The above shows my little painting corner (it extends another 8" to the left), it is small but if kept reasonably clear it meets my needs.

The guys above are really very detailed and I decided that rather than spend more time on them I would call it a day otherwise I would never finish an army. Even painting 4 figures a day it will take a long time to complete the box.

Later this week I will make a start on the Russian heavy weapons teams for Bolt action, I do have a German infantry unit and mortar to work on as well. Pretty soon my shelves will be full again but given how much effort the fantasy stuff takes I doubt I will ever part with them, more than likely I will have to buy a larger cabinet.

Keep blogging guys you get me through the long dark days at work


  1. Nicely done. Your painting area looks neat. I'll have to get or make a paint rack for my own painting area when I get set up again.

  2. Hi AJ, I am currently planning a newer paint rack with a couple of extra shelves to take more paints. They are easy to make and save so much room

  3. Nice paint rack! I got some plastic nail polish racks for my painting desk. They work well, but I'm sure cost more the a bit of wood.

    1. A wood rack should cost less than £10... its finding the time and place to make it though

  4. Such a tidy painting area! Impressed.