Thursday, 26 July 2018

A £7 light box and figures to strip.

Hi Chaps,

I do trust that you are all well? It has been a busy month here, in fact it has gone really quickly and pay day is almost here again. The postman has been busy delivering decrepit old toys to me so that I can have an army that will cost so little but just a little extra in time.

An old cannon (all metal) and crew was had for less than a few beers off an auction site and the cannon has already been re painted. Whilst it will never win any trophies it is a passable piece of equipment for my new/old Empire army.

This pic was taken using a Canon (appropriate) 14.1 mega pixel camera and a very cheap £7 light box from that auction site again. The LED's are almost powerful enough alone but for my next batch of photo's I will help them along with a light pointing inside the box as well.

A unit of 10 muskets on their bases are almost complete and I am about to chose the colour scheme for the first unit of spears. The hot weather is awful for painting-no air con here in the UK-so I spend an hour or two in the evenings just looking at blogs for inspiration (when I can).

The light box is pretty useful and my learning curve continues... as does the base building and pile of figures for stripping. The old master engineer is a favourite of mine and he popped up again in an online purchase.
The Grudge Pony is just too good not to have in an fantasy army and will go well with a unit or two of dwarves fighting for the Empire.

Keep blogging guys, we are fighting the elements at the moment but it will soon be cooler and more painter friendly.


  1. What a transformation with the canon, brilliant job!

    1. Thanks Michael, I use old fashioned meths to strip the paint which works a treat.

  2. Love the basing on those Sigmarines!

    1. Thanks Ragsta, I used 1/48 scale bricks that I bought years ago. They sort of double for cobbles, Games Workshop are releasing some great stuff at the moment which makes me want to spend a little extra time on the bases.