Monday, 26 September 2011

deer Hide update.

Hi Chaps,

this is the deer hide with a coat of paint...I think I will add some tufts of grass on the roof to age it a little...

whilst not like the hide in the film I think this will be a useful little terrain piece to have kicking around. Now its onto some houses! Oh and maybe order some Blue Moon figures once I have a lottery win.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I agree on the needing a lotto win to get the Blue Moon miniatures - any thing from Old Glory comes with hefty postage costs too.

    Have you seen the West Wind Production Headless Horseman series of figures?

  2. Hi Shelldrake, I have just been to your link-absolutley amazing! The town militia...I have never really looked at Westwind stuff before, I am off to have a good look around their website. Thanks for the tip...better priced than Blue Moon for sure.

  3. Nice model mate!
    With a bit of weathering it will get from nice to great!!

  4. Looks great even it's not on Burtons budget.

    Looking foreward to see some houses.