Friday, 23 September 2011

Recent painting

Hi Chaps,

thought I'd share a few models with you. These pieces were bought at a car boot sale...I dont do fantasy but thought they were worth having a go at, I forget the name of the game these were in as I threw away anything not paintable. The wolves are my sons really...just hope he never notices that they are missing

A trip to a local art and craft shop turned up the foam...I have never used it nor am I sure that I have the right stuff even-I think I will try a modest arab type dwelling to see how it works. Lastly I have included a pic of last nights sunset taken just outside my front door, I rushed back inside to drink tea and paint figures...I really do like winter.



  1. Great figures, amazing what you can pick up at a car boot ;)

  2. The figures look great, the wolves in particular. Nice figures.
    Also quite a nice sunset you managed to photograph.
    Thanks for posting.


  3. Great work on the wolves, keep the good work up!