Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Painting...it does work!

Just a quick post to thank you all for your support...and sage advice. You were absolutley right a spot of painting was much needed although having not painted for a while I was "ring rusty". Its odd but everything felt a little awkward as if I had lost my routine. Still I have almost finished some Perry Burgundians they do need some detail but they are my first 28mm of this year.

Next up will be some easier figures-I think there is too much detail on the Perry stuff...Copplestone or Renegade are much easier to paint.

I have no plans for a medieval army-these were an impulse buy so they will sit on my shelves for a while. I also bought some Hat 28mm Heavy Spanish Infantry...they are of an entirely different quality but at least will be easier to paint!

Has any one bought the Perry plastic Sudan figures? I would think that these are easier to paint than medievals...I am really keen to try Black Powder in 28mm without selling a kidney so these may be ideal?

Thanks again to all of you, your posts helped me a great deal.

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