Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Progress, onset of winter and cyber mates!

Hi All,

thank you for all the support I was very moved and much bolstered by all your kind words. There has been much progress in searching for the truth in what happened to my wife and son and Granada Reports is doing a news item on them on Friday 9th September....

As for wargaming, well I sort of cleared the decks-I am due to give some terrain to a local club...but this means I have some space and I have dug the brushes out again now that a critical time has almost passed.

I have been watching what you chaps have been up to and its very inspiring so I will begin painting in the next few weeks. Maybe this hobby is seasonal for me? I once tried to paint figures whilst in Thailand and the memory of heat and super quick drying paint has put me off summer painting for ever!

Thanks again for all the comments-they did help.


  1. Hey, good to see you around again. Your posts have been sorely missed.

    When Real-Life-Serious-Stuff(tm) is looming large and taking up all your time and energy, there's a natural tendency to give up on "frivoulous" hobby stuff. From personal experience I've found that to be a massive mistake. The time I've been blogging pretty much coincides with my dad's current health problems, which is the source of all the "family duties" I keep talking about. In the past few years I tried to deal with similar crises by "putting my serious head on" and "casting aside childish things", which believe me did *not* work and left me stressed out and depressed.
    But this time I've found that putting together some silly little steam tanks and painting toy soldiers has been a great form of therapy.

    You've been through some terrible times. So now it's time to allow yourself to have some fun. Grab some figures, grab some dice, throw down a green cloth and scatter some lichen. Go Play.

    Me and the rest of the internet will be here waiting to hear about it.

  2. Try your best as it is a form of therapy, will be around for support my friend.

  3. Great to see you posting again. I agree that painting is a great de-stresser but sometimes it is good to have a break...

  4. Hello friend !! I wait to see your works !!!

    Best regards Carlo Antonio

  5. Good to hear from you mate and hope things are getting better.

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Thank you all for the support-it really is helpful.