Monday, 20 February 2012

1960s Die Cast


I have been rumaging around for something to do and found some old Lesney lorries which are about the right size for 15mm. I am hoping that a quick respray and lick of paint will make them acceptable for gaming. The urge to play a modern campaign just wont go away (for about 2 years now!) and I have finally given in! Tomorrow I am going to order some QRF vehicles and maybe some Old Glory African militia types. Thinking about it I have wanted to campaign this "period" for a long time because I have remembered where my copy of AK47 is-back in Thailand and I have'nt been back for 4 years!

Its out with the maps and training manuals now, after a quick float around everyones blog to steal some ideas. The HMG below is in the Dock Museum in Barrow...its a fairly decent little museum which contains lots of model ships...probably Barrows only tourist attraction though I would'nt recommend travelling to pay it a visit!


  1. Some good finds there! I use similar die-casts with both 15mm and 20mm figures.

  2. They certainly look well loved, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. Great discovery! I'm batting zero when it comes to finding acceptable size vehicles for 15mm.

  4. Watch out though, Antiques Roadshow will be after blood!

  5. Thanks for the warning Ray-the Lesney collectors will be aghast! I dont think they are a true 1/100 but close enough will have to do.

  6. With the curent fashion for showing chips on tanks, the fire tender is just perfect as it is. I have a couple of the 8-wheel cranes doing service at Army level.

    Kind regards, Chris

    1. Ahh the 8 wheel crane! I have one that I am hoping to turn into a rocket launcher....

  7. I had those when I was a kid! That's how mine loomd as well. Some of my favorite diecast. Wow, thanks for that memory.