Sunday, 5 February 2012

28mm Copplestone completed...

Hi All,

I have had a few painting sessions and now I have completed the Azante (?) Copplestone Africans...also for some reason I have been fiddling around with some foamcard to create a few buildings though they dont look as good in pictures as they do on the table. I may try and read up a little on photographing miniatures as my efforts are pants.

What do you chaps think is the best scale to game in? My son who is now 9 is really keen to play some games...I dont really want to paint up two DBA armies in 28mm whats the quickest way-barring 6mm?

I have not had a real project for a long time but with all the plastics being produced I am sorely tempted by Black Powder. Doeas anyone play AK 47? Would my son be able to understand this set? I had a couple of games of this but it was a long long time ago....

Keep painting chaps!


  1. Nicely painted figures. These are my 1st look at a painted Copplestone figure...and I'm pleased! Thanks.

  2. Great looking figures. As for scale, I've just started on 10mm and can recommend the scale.

  3. Thanks chaps...I may look at 10mm. Just been on the P Pig site and Old Glory...£17 for 3 tanks??? Ouch £2.60 for 8 figures?? Wow I am out of touch.

  4. These are great, still waiting to get to my Copplestone completed but really looking forward to them having seen how well they paint up. House looks great too!

  5. Yep, 15mm tanks tend to run to around £6 a pop, but then most of the 1/72 plastic kits of modern vehicles I've seen tend to be even more expensive.

    I reckon you were right last year - 1/76 plastics is the way to go if you want to put together a couple of armies quickly and cheaply.

    Nice job on the Copplestones and the building. I wouldn't worry about how it looks in photographs, it's how it looks on the tabletop that counts.

  6. Two Hour Wargames - try their free core rules, Chain Reaction 3.0, solo, co-op, multi-player; don't need masses of figures either, just what you have to hand - they're all I really bother with now.

  7. ..or I'd reiterate the recommendation to look at the "Song of.." series of games from Ganesha Games. "Song of Blades and Heroes" for fantasy, "Song of Drums & Shakos" for horse & musket and "Flying Lead" for modern firearms. Simple yet subtle rules aimed at games with warbands of up to a dozen figures.