Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A walk...and does anyone want some 20mm figures and artillery?

Hi Chaps,

there is a lot happening re my solicitor and court at the moment so I went for a walk up the windy that for the first time in my life I was blown off my just under 18 stone (its all muscle I tell you) it must have been damned windy. Anyway as I was tootling about I saw a cammo Ford Ka-when I blank the reg out I will post a pic...also a Land Rover all cammo...lots of cool people driving about these parts!

On my return home from my mini marathon I had an email that my Peter Pig order had been despatched-well done that man/woman!

Due to my limited space and a limit to my time I have some 20mm WW1/back of Beyond figures that are just languishing in a drawer...first dibs must go to Doc Vesuvius-I have been looking for Victorian space stuff but to no avail. The tanks belong to Doc but I would like to follow his example and pass these onto someone who is in need of some figures.

Thanks Chaps!


  1. By all means pass them on to someone who'll make good use of them.

  2. What a kind offer, I'd have them, but I don't have anything in 20mm to go with them, lets hope they go to someone who can really use them.

  3. Nice scenery, is this your gaming table? ;)
    I'll cite Ray, it's very Kind, but I'm with WWII :)


  4. keen and eager I'd love to get my hands on some ww1 figs. and of coarse in 20mm... so if you still need someone to give the figs to I am your man :-D