Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thanks Chaps..20 000 hits!

Hi All,

a little landmark has just passed by...20 000 hits on my blog which I thank you all for-it makes me feel warm and happy! Theres a long way to go to reach the dizzy heights of some blogs and they are always an inspiration to visit.

I have plopped some figures on ebay to fund the purchase of yet more! Does anyone else do this? I dont really have a project or theme just yet this year but playing games with my son is my main 9 years old though its zombies, undead or things that look cool! Rank after rank of fellows dressed all the same will have to wait a few years I think.

Thought I would include a pic of HM once chubbiest most drunken but contented squaddie! This pic was taken to give the impression that I worked on or even near a helicoptor-the sad reality is that this is the closest I ever got to one!


  1. Congratulations on making it to 20,000. I'm enjoying the photo - I think we need to hear more about your glittering military career! Perhaps you should invite captions for it? I'll start you off:
    "Ello, 'ello 'ello. It this your 'elicopter sir? Just blow into this bag...."

  2. Congrats - now keep on blogging. :)

  3. Congrats of the 20k, keep up the great work!!

  4. "Alright now, somebody remember where we parked."


    "Like many recent UK military projects, the RAF's new stealth helicopter failed to live up to expectations."

    Congratz on the 20K!

  5. Congrats with the 20k! Nice blog BTW!


  6. Haha...thanks chaps, my accent prevented me from pretending to be a pilot....we were all very desperate to impress less than impressive females.

  7. Well done on the hit count, plenty more to come one hopes.

    The RAF have been great sponsors of the "Antique's Roadshow" for many years.

  8. Congratulations on the landmark; I'm sure there are plenty more to come.

    "Look at the size of my chopper!"