Friday, 26 April 2013

Customer Service

Hi Chaps,

this is going to be a gentle moan rather than a rant...I ordered some figures on the second of April and as yet I have heard nothing from the (as yet nameless) supplier. OK an order for £20 is not going to make anyone rich and it has only been 24 days of silence but...when I compare this sort of customer service to other online industries I get rather frustrated.

My only other hobby is shooting. I occasionally order scopes, bolts, cleaning kits etc and the service is invariably excellent. Any order is despatched quickly and is usually accompanied with the latest advert or a small freebie designed to make you purchase more...not so in wargaming. I know that margins maybe smaller etc etc but it is still frustrating!!


  1. It is with lack of communication that some of the online retailers really hurt themselves. The difficulty is compounded when buying lines only stocked by a limited number of retailers - whether that adds to complacency I don't know, but it makes it hard to take business elsewhere as a consequence. Make sure you are aware of your rights under Distance Selling regulations (applies to UK).

  2. There are a couple of companies I deal with regularly who are slow but they always arrive in the end. Not mentioning any names but one is a big outfit with an N and an S in the name and one has an A and, well an A. Three weeks to a month for these two has been known.

    Did you at least get an electronic receipt?

  3. Thanks Chaps, I got a be fair this company has usually been prompt but it would seem good sense to let someone know what has happened to their order. Maybe it is down to the size of our hobby? Still I think there are more war gamers than people who go shooting with rifles?
    Black Pyramid were very quick and Irregular Miniatures seem too teleport their figures to me so it is not all bad.

  4. Must admit, I only tend to stick to companies I know have a speedy, reliable service. While this limits your choice, I can't bear pacing up and down waiting for stuff to be delivered.

  5. Your so right Monty! The postman has noticed I have been waiting for him....disturbing for us both.