Monday, 1 April 2013

20mm US first test

Hi All,

had a doodle with some figures today, simple rules that my son soon picked up. In no time he had his little men clearing houses keeping units on over watch (one foot on the ground). Although the boy quickly got the hang of the tactics I am sure the best bit for him was rolling D20s and returning fire onto the "bad guys" which we randomly generated.

Tactics wins every time, especially when so many little guys are on overwatch! No wonder the bad sorts resort to IED's it's just safer for them. Thanks for looking.


  1. Looking good! Small suggestion: since you are basing your figures you might consider using filler, modeling putty or air drying clay to disguise the plastic base of the figure. It's an extra step, but an easy and inexpensive one that gives the final figure a much better look.

  2. Thanks Chaps...I am going to try completing the bases later this week....we were eager to get a game. Finding a manufacturer of modern vehicles is a challenge!

  3. nice little set up. nice game also. I have played a few games before. may I ask what rules you are using... as I have played games with a rule-set that requires a 1d20 before... where do you get those? I just use my calculator.

  4. Hi Gowan,
    we played it so simple...anything over 16 pinned your target, you can fire and move but if you do this you can only pin your target. If you are on overwatch (not moving) you achieve a hit on 18 or more. Untrained 19 or more...+1 to the roll for a scope or close range.
    save on a 6 on a 1D6. All casualties on the "allied" side must be evacuated though in this game we did not need to do that. movement 6 inches per man plus 1D6. Some bricks (2 men) shot off...others hung back. Pretty realistic as no one is ever where you expect them to be.
    Just 1 "bad" guy can hold a company up for hours....
    Please give this a go yourself, the tactics become far more important than the rules....LMGs are killers though as they get 3 shots at close range abd 2 at any other.

  5. Nice to see the son gaming "hands-on." Also, really like the bldgs you have made.

  6. Looks really good. I love those buildings of yours!