Monday, 15 April 2013

Empire of the Dead Painting WIP

Hi Chaps,

Well it has been a busy 2 weeks but my son is back at school now so I have a little more free time. These figures arrived from Black Pyramid (?) games just a day or two after I ordered them, unfortunatley my order with Old Glory has still not arrived ...oh well.

The building needs some work but it has been in fits and starts, maybe this week will see it finished. Thanks for looking, I will write up how the Empire of the Dead plays after I have painted up a few more figures. There is a facebook page called "The Darkfire Club" which is really useful for all things Victorian or Steampunk, indeed I was sent some Posters by one of the members.

Thanks for looking....stay busy!


  1. Top job they look great mate. That building looks nice as well.

  2. Looking good there, Carl.

    Tell me please, how are you making the drainpipes on your buildings? They look simple but effective.

  3. Thanks Chaps its good to get some feedback. The drainpipe is just balsa dowel and the cast iron "funnel" at the top is just foamcard cut to shape. If I ever make a special building I will have a joint halfway down the pipe and also include some brackets out of milliput but these are just quick buildings to get a quick game.

  4. Cracking miniatures and a great job on them Sir.

  5. nice stuff. an interesting group of characters and an interesting looking building to match.