Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lentils....work in progress (not soup).

Hi All,

I got an amazing tip for representing rivets from Irqan http://lrqan2.blogspot.co.uk/ now I would never have thought of this even in several lifetimes but Lentils...the split sort I think...I never even eat them but they do look OK at this early stageof a build. Now for just over a pound I think I will have a lifetimes supply!

This looks odd but once it is spayed black I am sure that it will make some sort of sense! Thanks for looking.


  1. I've been using lentils for years, for things as diverse as spaceship turrets to shield bosses for 25mm gladiators. They're very versatile. Long-grain rice has occasional uses as well.

  2. Yay a wargamers favourite bit of information... how to do something really cheaply/for free. thanks. also I agree it does look a bit odd now... don't tell be what going to do with it, its going to be a cool surprise.