Sunday, 21 April 2013

I really need some (28mm) Call Girls!!

Hi All,

Hope your gaming is going to plan as I can assure you that mine is not. The Old Glory UK Ripper set has still not arrived so although I am now all painted up with Holmes and Watson, Ripper and Police the main The Girls are a no show! I do have a couple of 28mm ladies but they are just not slutty enough...I am getting an insight into a film directors work here!

Oh well, maybe they will turn up next week, in the meantime I can build another 28mm slum terrace to cheer myself up. Who knows I may even splash out on the Empire of the Dead rulebook...oh and the Osprey one...choices, choices.

Barrow in Furness is a treasure of mad Victorian buildings, this is the old fire station, a lot of inspiration for Steampunk games. I will post a picture of a few more....the Conservative club looks like it has been pulled right out of a novel!

Thanks for looking. keep blogging!


  1. Given that the wild west is the same period (or very close) you might also look at some saloon girls. Just a thought.

  2. Thats a good idea! Bismark described Barrow in Furness as "The last frontier town in Europe" I dont think that it was meant as a compliment either!

  3. Without that "28mm" in your post might have garnered unwanted comments in reply to your blog!

  4. Well there is a title to grab the imagination!

    Try these:

  5. haha Thanks Chaps! Hope the girlfriend can see the funny side.

  6. Love that building!

    As for "fresh pillows": Foundry have a couple in their Old West range

    I bought the Osprey In Her Majesty's Name rules at Salute yesterday and they look very good.

  7. Hi Legatus,

    I look forward to hearing your opinion/review of In Her Majestys' Name! Thanks for the link..."fresh pillows" thats a keeper!