Monday, 21 October 2013

Antenocitis Workshop simply superb!


I have a tale of the ultimate in customer care! The other day I ordered a pathetically small amount of blue foam from Antenocitis Workshop....I received a call explaining that there was a problem with my debit I checked this out and blamed my wild child daughter who had just had her freshers week at uni... nothing at all to do with her but still a problem! (And there still bloody is!)

Anyway not my daughters fault....this is yet to be resolved but Antenocitis workshop still posted me the foam board! This really is above and beyond what anyone would expect of any supplier in any field. I would like to thank them and also recommend this fabulous company to you all.

I will post later this week to let you know what has happened to my card...if it criminal these must be the worlds dumbest as there is never much in there!....

Also this blog is worth a look, although the chap seems to be a follower of the wrong side he has some interesting stuff including using Skype etc ...solo wargaming may be a thing of the past if that catches on!

keep blogging...and be careful if you use your card in a pub!


  1. Antenocitis have always been helpful when I've encountered them, but that really is above and beyond! Good luck with the card

  2. Thanks Paul, the card situation is now explained but no one answering the phone at Antenocitis workshop today, I will try again tomorrow....they really are an amazing firm.