Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ordered from Copplestone Today

Hi Chaps,

This afternoon I put a modest order in with Copplestone Castings for some "Back of Beyond" Chinese bandit figures. One pack of men with rifles, one pack of 10 bandits with rifles, these will be handy figures for "In Her Majesties Name" or just regular games.

I have painted these figures before but having just watched Jackie Chan's 1911 I am all stoked up for this period. Do not be put off by the appearance of Mr Chan in this film, he is actually a damn good straight actor and this is a fine film. I always thought the Dowager Empress died in 1908 but I could be wrong....

Maybe after my lottery win I will be able to order a substantial number of figures from a manufacturer! Sorry figure manufacturers until that win I wont be making anyone rich...although in a couple of weeks another order is planned.


  1. I Though about getting the bandits as well for IHMN Company they would be great with some Tong fighters mixed in

  2. You read my mind Simon, though as I lived in Thailand I want to depict a gang from Siam! I already have their banner and sign in mind. IHMN is an excellent set of rules that allow your imagination to run riot!

  3. I have the rules and if I ever get near the end of my commission list I will paint up some gangs

  4. I would like to see them James. The gangs are so small it is probably the cheapest way to game.

  5. I do love Copplestone Castings, can't wait to see what you do with them.