Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Foam board for mold making

Hi Chaps....

...its like this-I need to own a building, well actually rather a lot of buildings. My Italian contact who actually has an excellent blog

recommends this eulithe stuff but I cannot find a supplier anywhere! Bearing in mind that I intend to make a mold has anyone got an alternative that is available in the UK and is err cheap (I am on a budget!).

The reason for all this activity is because today I received "In Her Majesties Name". Usually I am not very moved by a set of rule (I have had Black Powder for over a year) but I have waited for this so long...and it seems so simple that I want to play this game with my son. The number of figures needed is actually very small but unfortunately the buildings needed are many! We can't win!

My cunning plan is to cast the buildings out of stone plaster from a home made mold....once they are on an MDF base they will serve their purpose. Anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance!


  1. I have done it, I like to use brush on latex made for use in making rock molds for model railroads. It works ok, just takes time to build up the molds

  2. Hi Chris, can I ask what material did you use as a master?

    1. Usually styrene, although I have used wood as well. Any non-porous material should work. It takes time as you need to brush layers on and add some gauze to a later layer to give it strength but otherwise it wise easy.