Monday, 14 October 2013

Anti Gravity 1895 style. (and a terrain tip!).

Hi Chaps,

Due to meeting my solicitor today I could not sleep last night...and this happened. One empty pate' box and a couple of lids that were in my bits box became an anti gravity machine. Just how it propels itself I have yet to work out...propellor probably! A trip to B and Q is on the cards for a testor pot of dark grey, I actually have the background for this machine written down along with two solo games for IHMN....I just did not have the model.

The craft will be on a clear stand made from a bottle...(I am on a budget!). Controls, rope and rivets will be added, to be honest I had not given this any thought, maybe next time I will make sure that the parts are a better fit and actually draw some plans first. Never mind, my 28mm alter ego will have a means of entering museums, trouble spots and stately homes that no other fiend has thought of-yet!

Just remembered. Never walk passed a charity shop, for 79p I bought six placemats which are A4 size and made of cork, coated with plastic on one side. Turn the mat over (to the cork side) and you have a very durable base for much cheaper than buying MDF and ready cut....coasters for drinks are also useful for smaller terrain pieces.

Keep blogging!


  1. looks fun, great tip on the place mats
    Peace James

  2. Nice anti grav device, Thanks for the mat tip, excellent.

  3. Liking the style of the ship, Good Idea with the mats.

  4. Top scratch building with the anti grav ship - love it.

  5. Good looking scratch work!

  6. Will have to look at what you do with these. I import these things from China by the container, never thought about doing anything with them