Friday, 11 October 2013

Copplestone Amazing Service

Copplestone have amazed me.

I ordered Wednesday afternoon, 9th of October and today Friday 11th October my little order arrived. The figures as ever are world class from this company but it is the speed of their mail order which has absolutely astounded me.

Usually I expect a five day too ten day response, this puts Copplestone ahead of the fabled Irregular Miniatures in response time. I am impressed. I have no idea how the dark world of figure sculpting works but I do wonder id Renegade employ Mr Copplestone to work on their own range as the figures appear similar? Either way I am a very happy solo gamer at the moment.

If you have never painted a Copplestone figure then you have never lived! Try some of these. (OK a bit over the top but I have seen so many Carlsberg adverts...). Along with the Renegade range these figures make the most average paint job look awesome.

Keep blogging Chaps, I think that the blog thing has pushed wargaming standards along exponentially, I have been in this hobby for 30 years (well a bit more) and things have never been so accessible or looked so good. Credit to you all.

Got to mention these lads...

It may be old age but the bigger rounder figure is easier too get along example would be my girlfriend...


  1. The only problem I have with renegade is the inconsistancy of the casts, you cant fault the sculpts like you they are some of my fav's but they cast so many you can get a few real duffers in a pack, but at the price I accept that and shove them at teh back of the unit. The Renengade stuff (that I use) is sculpted by Nick Collier.
    Glad you are loving the Blogosphere I think we make a great Wargames group if you are on G+ check us out in
    Peace James

  2. Hi James,
    your right about the odd miscast I did not know about their sculptor till you just told me...I will certainly check out your blog!

  3. " this puts Copplestone ahead of the fabled Irregular Miniatures in response time"

    Hah! Fax sent to Irregular at noon on Wednesday. Order on doormat 8am on Thursday.

  4. OK I stand corrected....but both are good examples of how mail order should work!