Wednesday, 4 December 2013

20mm Eastern Front figure mountain!

This is a sensation that I rarely experience! That of having a figure mountain!! A mountain that I actually want to paint and I am looking forward to the effects that I want to experiment with....

Please excuse the hasty picture of my very untidy painting table but I felt that I had to share this moment. A close inspection of the artillery would confirm that I am o model maker but I am relying on people just not noticing my mistakes! The carts are actually HAT WW1 German carts but they will do for me as WW2 carts...incredible to think that by January I will have two opposing armies and my son and I can actually play a game that is not on the Xbox!

I have no idea what the profit / investment ratio for the plastic figure manufacturers would be but Valiant and the Plastic Soldier Company products are so good I would happily game any period they produced. HAT also have been amazing...maybe the day will come when we are playing "In Her Majesties Name" in 20mm? The technology is obviously available-these are big 20mm as I can see them- if the money is there maybe these companies will meet demand?

Keep blogging the moment IHMN is my favourite set of rules, the game reports from others is making me squander hours of reading...I love it so please keep reporting.


  1. great to hear such enthusiasm for the hobby, for me you can play any game at any scale (as long as you can find figure that play the part).
    I look forward to reading Batreps of games between you and your son
    Peace James

  2. Good for you! Sounds like it should be great fun.

  3. Thanks Chaps! The Russians will be finished this week....big 20mm is almost as good as big (expensive) 28mm!