Friday, 27 December 2013

Force on Force but which scale?

Hi Chaps,

I could use some advice please. I purchased Force on Force and despite loving 28mm I realise that good old 20mm would be cheaper and possibly give a better game? What are your thoughts please? Also are there any modern 20mm suppliers in the UK?  I used to order from Britannia, are they still reliable?

Thanks in advance.


  1. Imo 20mm is the way to go with moderns. My manufacturer of choice is Elhiem Miniatures, good range, decent price.

  2. I guess it depends on what you are doing. If you're going to be doing mostly dow-level infantry actions 28mm might work out okay. If you want to do larger combined arms action... you might want to look at 20mm.

    I love 28mm, Just about everything I have is in 28mm and that includes a large collection of modern forces in 28mm... but even I'm tempted to put a moratorium on future modern 28mm purchases and start any new forces in 20mm. Partly because there is simply so much more available in 20mm, but also because the cost of one resin 28mm AFV is about the same as buying a whole platoon of them in 20mm.

  3. you can get plenty of great 15mm Modern now which is even better value and you can use Matchbox cars with them :)

  4. Thanks Chaps, I started to look at Elhiem as advised and if my eyesight is up to it then these figures have plenty of character.
    James! I painted some Peter Pig up but I just could not see the work once I was a few feet away from it, no fault of 15mm it was just my old eyes.
    I will be putting an order into Elhiem (never heard of them before thanks Vladd) early next week, it is true a dozen 28mm figures can buy a whole lot more in 20mm.
    Now for the buildings

  5. Britannia is still available, Liberation is another option too.

    The 'new kid on the block' so to speak in 20mm is Under Fire Miniatures- they are well worth checking out.



  6. Britannia is available from Andrew Grub (aka Grubby Tanks
    You might also check "S and S"
    I would also look at this blog.
    I went for 20mm for Force on Force partly for cost, partly for storage but it would depend on what part of force on Force I wanted to re-create. If I was doing "Cold war turns Hot" I might seriously consider 15mm. But for Afghanistan (1986 Russian involvement on to current date I would still use 20mm.

    Hope any of that helps

  7. Now I'd go for 1/72nd scale. But plastic minis are my thing, they're cheap and versatile as well as easily convertible with paint or the deft stroke of a knife and some putty.

  8. Caesar does aton of modern in 1/72.. good stuff!

  9. Having played Force on Force only at 28mm, it seemed to work reasonably well, with a couple of reservations I have about the game rather than the game at that scale. :)

  10. Thanks again all. I will certainly check out the coldwar blog and maybe try Britannia in the new year. I have some Ceasar US infantry which will be a start. It seems 1/72 is definitely the way to go. Elheim will be useful for the stuff not available in plastic.
    Thanks once again for the pointers Chaps, Happy New year to you all. 2014 is going to be amazing for gamers and modellers alike.

  11. I would second 1/72 plastic figures cheap and you have a number of 1/72 vehicle kits to choose from. And you can still use metal 20mm with them. Here is a tip on prepping the 1/72 soft plastics for painting, boil them. Get a cheap pot (don't use on you eat from) fill it with water put the plastic sprues in and heat the water to a rolling boil. A rolling boil is when you see tiny air bubbles rushing to the surface. After the water has boiled for a minute or two you see a yellowish oil in the water turn of the heat, take the minis out and put them on a flat surface to cool. The yellow oil is the mold release agent that has heat bonded with the plastic during the molding process. Now that you've removed it the plastic will be harder and less bendy it will also take paint better. \

  12. Wow Robert thanks for the tip I have never heard of this and I have been painting plastics on and off all my life! I usually just paint PVA glue over the painted figure and then maybe a matt varnish.
    I have only 2 boxes of Ceasar and they seem pretty hard anyway but I may use this method on more slippery customers.
    1?72 is a brave new world for me in moderns and it is vast! I cannot wait for Armourfast to realise the potential for new customers here.

    1. I've done this on my Ceaser Americans, but I agree they are on of the best plastic products.

  13. I just can't see them old peepers are not what they once were. If Mr pig made larger figures I would jump at them because his stuff is amazing.

  14. I have played Force on Force with 28mm and 15mm and it works at both scales - I love the look of 28s but 20mm is a good scale and I sometimes wonder if I should have gone with that instead. There are a number of manufacturers out there but which will depend on what you are planning to game and the style of figures you're looking for - some are chunkier and some more slender.