Sunday, 22 December 2013

Police transport

Hi Chaps,

this is coming along slowly but should be painted in the next few days.

A trip to the model shop is planned tomorrow where I will buy some plastic rod, my next model will be sporting rivets. A read of IHMN again for inspiration tonight should also jog things on and make me complete some more scenery, this has been a complete year without even one game!

Keep blogging chaps I am inspired by your work and quite often copy it!


  1. Looking good. I haven't had a game this year either.

  2. Robert I know your pain. I think we should get out more. The gaming really does make you focus on a single period...and err fun! Good look for next year mate.

  3. Nice job so far! Plan a game for New Years Eve morning!

  4. Good idea Simon, that would be the right start. All the best to you all.