Friday, 20 December 2013

Charity Shop bargain and the next scratch build.

My dearest sister produced this from her bag the other day! A Lledo St Johns cost 50p and it fits 1/48 scale or thereabouts. It will soon be a police wagon, just some plastic card strips and a respray should do it.

Over the holidays I hope to build a couple more warehouses for IHMN. With all the real life stuff going on I have not been doing much hobby wise. (I also need to post a damn parcel that I should have sent months ago!-just reminded myself). Preston Lancashire is home to many Victorian industrial buildings so I will pay it a visit and take some pictures, I will be moulding some windows and doors over the hols as well to speed up the scratch building process.

Here are some local buildings.

Here in the UK we are really spoilt for choice regarding Victorian inspiration. Now I just need to source a local supplier of 5mm blue extruded polystyrene!


  1. Lovely wagon. Clever sister!

    I've always liked the buildings in and about Preston, as you say, some wonderful inspiration.

    I hope Christmas isn't too difficult for . Take care.

  2. Edwin thank you. If I get any more of these carraiges i will pass them onto people who play IHMN.

  3. A nice place and a nice wagon...

  4. I love the Lideo carriages but the horses require replacement. You are lucky to live amidst so much Victorian inspiration.

  5. Excellent finf by your sister. :)