Thursday, 5 May 2016

28MM Housing and Terrain

Hi Chaps,

This week has seen no figure painting (well half a dozen Airfix modern Brits were started) but plenty of scratch building for a modern or Zombie table. I did order twice from The Assault Group whose figures are truly world class. Why twice? Mainly because I forgot to order the pack of figures which took me to the site on the first visit! Only a small order but enough to give me a stash of figures to dip into when an opportune moment arises.

Embracing my new love of pdf's and technology I bought the "Danger Close" ruleset from Empress Miniatures. These two page rules seem very interesting and I can hardly wait to push some figures around my desk to try them out. At £1.50 I would recommend them to anyone who has an interest in modern/future will need a 20 sided dice.

The market stalls/bars are now pretty much complete and are really little more than scatter terrain as these things pop up all over the place in countries less preoccupied with health and safety and tax collection than the euro zone.

More scatter terrain was made with this toy car, 99P from a cheap shop-it was originally a police car and there were three in the pack, bargain. This model should work for breaking up lines of sight and could also be used in Zombie games-it can join the couple I made last year.

After a visit to my local burger place I restocked up on coffee stirrers which are being snipped and glued into miniature pallets, a few stacks of these can then be based and used as more scatter terrain and should not be out of place on a board representing real estate anywhere in the world.

Thanks for popping by, two more buildings should be painted by weekend and the TAG order should have arrived so it will be back to figures next week.

Keep blogging Chaps/Chicks.


  1. Realistic and beautiful, nice details, love the house!

  2. The scenery is looking great and I love the punning! :)

  3. These are excellent! love the name of the bar!

    1. Thanks Simon, I have used many roadside bars in hot saver for a cold coke! I soon got over how scruffy they look

  4. Replies
    1. Well spotted Jay Gear grylls is a bit of a hero of mine though I hardly think he would be flattered by my little bar carrying his name.