Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Valiant Order Arrives!

Hi Chaps,

If you have been a wargamer for a few years you may remember the dark ages of poor customer service. Happily I will now forget forever the entire tedious waiting for the post thing for weeks on end! Thank you Valiant!

Valiant just went beyond good customer service. I ordered just before a bank holiday and yet I received my order on Tuesday morning! I have no idea how they managed to package and post it so quickly! A new winner for speedy service with an honourable mention to Royal Mail as well.

As you can see the package contained a late war German battle group and cost under £25 which is extremely good value. The two Stugs have been built and are awaiting undercoat and the first company are on their bases. The cart is a little fiddly but will be a great item to have following my battalions around the table causing mini traffic jams. The link for this and other sets is here.


Some people criticize the size of the Valiant infantry and they do look like giants stood next to my Russians but I don't mind as they are easier for my old eyes to paint. Also if they are ever next to each other on the table it means that something has gone badly wrong (for one side at least).

Keep blogging Chaps I will post work in progress pictures soon.


  1. Always great to hear of good customer service and that was particularly impressive given the Bank Holiday.

    1. Unbelievably fast Michael, I will order again knowing that it will arrive quickly.

  2. I have painted a few Brit's and some Germans. Nice figures!

  3. Your right Roger Valiant have done a good job with these sculpts.