Sunday, 22 May 2016

Valiant Miniatures 20MM German

Hi Chaps,

It has been a slow hobby week due to being back temporarily as a single parent but a few models have been painted.

The most rewarding-and surprisingly quick to paint were some Valiant Miniatures German infantry. just lately I have been painting almost all 28MM but I often wonder if I should have stuck with Elheim moderns in the smaller 20MM scale. I may even unload some figures to commit the worst war gaming sin of all.....the same period in two different scales! It's the damned tanks-in 20MM I can actually field some without placing them back in a safety deposit box after use.

The Chaps at Valiant need to produce some Russians because my old Italeri look tiny compared to these huge Aryan warriors. Maybe it's the free time I have but I keep looking at the Plastic Soldier Company website and making lists....then go to Elheim and Grubby Tanks and do the same.

Hopefully by the weeks end there will be several new Taliban completed, The Assault Group politicians are almost complete, there is a dude in traditional arabic garb but he is still awaiting a white undercoat.

Now I am off to cost out the price of a Russian tank battalion in 20MM. Or maybe a Modern Brit Battalion from Grubby....great problems to have!

Keep blogging Chaps.