Friday, 23 December 2016

Grubby tanks FV432 and WMIK (WIP).

Hi Chaps,

Just thought I would drop a brief update onto my blog before all this Christmas nonsense begins (humbug!).

These models are from Grubby Tanks whom I heartily recommend for their service and above all their cheapness! Grubby is definitely the cheapest 20mm supplier that I have come across and the models usually arrive within a few working days. There are a few air holes in the resin and if I was bothered then I would just fill those in with greenstuff...I have seen expensive resin with the same problem so this "flaw" is common to everyone.

 I have three "companies" of 8 figures complete now with transport...they are a work in progress but nearly there! A few more Lesney land rovers should see my soft transport needs complete but I do not think that a miniature army is ever finished! (The HQ and mortar FV need to be ordered)

In the new year a new project will start, this time 20mm WW2 Germans and yes the tanks I order from Grubby for this will have any imperfections filled with greenstuff.

Keep me posted on your new projects Chaps-I need your enthusiasm and your ideas as fuel for my games!


  1. I also like Grubby tanks and have 2 WIMIKs.

    1. The WMIK is a great model Clint, I hope to have an example of the Jackal in the near future as well.

    2. A Jackal is also on my want list.

      The Layland Dropps is also good if you want transport. I would recommend it If you have a use for it.

    3. I will probably buy one to have a look...there seems to be two listed for some reason? In time I will start a force suitable for Iraq or Afghanistan, just need more hours in a day and a lottery win

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    1. Thank you Michael, I hope you are having a great Christmas.