Friday, 16 December 2016

Painting and thinking of the past...

Hi Chaps,

I don't really do the reminiscing thing too often just in case I come across a painful memory that I become stuck on but today seemed to be an exception.

Since the birth of Victoria I have had less painting time than usual but today was a great opportunity to start a new army. For two hours I had the painting table to myself and I beavered away at some Caesar WW2 French. Many years ago Matchbox released the Char B1 and the Ft17 as a kit and I loved it...I bought the only box in my local toy shop (Mrs Heinz's in Bamber Bridge) and then engineered a way to buy another box in the metropolis of Preston. The 1970's where a strange time for us oldies!.

The urge to gather a French force was fueled by Gavin Lyall's "Operation Warboard" which I read until it fell apart in my hands (but still kept as one would a sacred book). I wanted an army to fight my Matchbox 1/76 scale Germans...painted with Humbrol enamels and based on card...

Well shaking my head and it now being 35 years later here I am painting 1/72 scale French to fight some plastic Germans though this time using Bolt Action as a rule set. I wonder if Mr Lyall would be smiling at what he started all those years ago? There was no Xbox or even in my house a colour TV, maybe this contributed to my using my imagination to create a world that I could control??

Have a read at the reviews if you are curious or once had a copy....

Probably the best war games book I owned until Richard Marsh and Colin Rumford stepped up with Rapid Fire...succeeded by Alessio Cavatore, Rick Priestley with Bolt Action. In a nutshell my history of war gaming for the last 40 years! I do hope that I have stirred some memories or encouraged anyone younger than 30 to glance at our war gaming heritage.

Keep blogging Chaps, our today will soon be history!


  1. Some great memories. Makes me want to dig out the mass of 1/72 plastics I have in the attic. Maybe not paint them but just to look. Cheers

    1. I hope you find time to use your old 1?72 I think we gamers do not appreciate them enough.

  2. I bought that same dual kit! I made the FT17 but not the Char B for some reason. I believe my wargaming son-in-law has them.

    1. It is good that the kit is still in the family! Matchbox must have sold so many of these?