Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Old Lesney Cars

Hi Chaps,

Baby duty has had me so busy lately but I am really enjoying this, it is an amazing experience.

On the gaming front my son and I have had a couple of games of Deadzone but most of the figures and all of the terrain remain unpainted, a project for next year I think.

For painting I have been surprisingly busy and it has been 20mm. The level of detail seems perfect for the limited time I have and the cheapness of it all is really helping me out. As an example I have used 30 figures to make an Able Archer (now on version 2.9 and a work of genius) British battalion. The box cost 7.99 so my used figures cost around 26P each and a base around 4P......a painted figure based for 30P is cheap even for my scrooge like approach to the hobby.

Vehicles have also been worked upon, two old Matchbox Land Rovers have been converted into the Snatch variant-an idea I "stole" from someones blog but I am afraid that I have lost the link. I will be working on a few more of these models to produce the FFR (fitted for radio) variant and a bomb disposal vehicle.

Above is the process I went through to get the shell of the vehicle which has now been painted but alas no photo's yet. The Revell Modern British are possibly the smallest 20mm figures that I have ever painted and I almost gave up on them but I have eventually churned out 3 units of 8 men that look passable.

The pic above shows the guys and the paints used, they are so small you can't examine them closely on the table anyway.

Back soon with Land Rover pics and armoured cars-all ex toys that cost pennies but will pass first glance in a game.

Keep blogging Chaps, got to go baby crying!