Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Lesney Snatch Land Rovers Complete

Hi Chaps,

Just as an update, these are the snatch Landrovers complete. Obviously the panels on them are not correct and the wheelbase may well be too long but these cost around £4 for the pair as opposed to actually buying a resin vehicle which would have cost more than double the amount.

If I ever come across these little models at car boots etc I will buy them as stock for a rainy day as there are plenty of options to carry out more conversions. I really should attempt to build an ambulance out of one as I used to drive one for HM! Also the fitted for radio short wheelbase version is on the cards but for the WMIK I have gone for the easy route and ordered one from Grubby tanks.

Anyway here are a few more pics-if you own a Dremel or similar a cheap cutting tool kit can be bought for around £6 and should last for hundreds of die cast alterations....have a go and good luck!

I must ask what is the Lesney armoured car based on (if anything?). Maybe the Ferret or Coventry armoured car? Either way I now have two painted up in British army livery....at just over a pound each I could not resist.

Keep blogging Chaps I need your ideas.


  1. Great conversion work.



    1. Thanks Pete, they were cheap and will be used a lot in my games.

  2. Lovely work. Doesn't it say what they are on the underside?

    1. Thanks Simon, they are marked as Landrover Safari. Not much help really. I just hope I don't get lynched by the Lesney collectors club!