Tuesday, 1 February 2011

20mm Scratch build of a slum part 1

The 20mm bug has truly bitten, I only discovered that this scale is worthy of investing in a few days ago-what a revelation! Character figures are no longer the sole preserve of 28mm as I discovered Orion miniatures with its Mullahs and child soldiers...
So as befits a new project (I did'nt even realise it was a project till I wrote that) I decided to scratch build a bit of a shanty town with plans for a police station on the way (ok being drawn up on scap paper tonight). My first platoon of US infantry are now complete, I never realised, or I forgot just how affordable this scale is...I must go before my son finishes school as I am about to raid his toy box for a scrap car for the shanty...


  1. 20mm plastics are very underestimated. A lot of people left them after the production stagnated in the early 80´s but look how many are appearing now...and the quality...Zvezda, caeser to name but two. (and anyway...they are lots cheaper :-D)
    I like the slum...I don´t remember seeing anything like it before...great idea Carl, I look forward to the next instalment.

  2. Thanks Paul, you are so right about the choice available in plastic, I have a Ceasar set of Insurgents on order and a set of chechens by Orion...its all very different now.