Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ceasar and Orion order arrives!

My order from flag and drum arrived today, Ceasar militia, look like Africans and Palestinian...and they are superb quality! The plastic is rock hard and doesnt need a coat of PVA oh happy days. The casting is superb and I will definatley be using this company again. The Orion figures are not quite as good and the plastic was a bit greasy....the sculpting is'nt as good but they will pass muster.
I also worked on a couple of barriers which are on their own base...inspired by those Egyptian chaps who are rioting at the moment....will post pictures of the painted figures tomorrow.


  1. That shanty town looks amazing mate.A word of caution on the Caesar figures is they need a bloody good degrease I have found.I put a load of figures in an ice cream tub and a load of Mr muslce oven cleaner for 12 hours, wash them a jobs a goodun!

  2. Thanks West. I have undercoated a few of the Ceasar figures in my rush to get them onto the table but I will degrease the rest just as you said, thanks again.

  3. I'll just add to what Rich said. The Caesar figures are fine if you're painting them with water based acrylics, but watch out if you use enamels on them. They turn "sticky" and will takes weeks (or more) to dry. Only way to avoid it is a good acrylic undercoat.

    Anyway, enjoy painting them.