Sunday, 13 February 2011

A busy week! 20mm...

Its been a busy week running the girlriend around but today (Sunday) things have finally calmed down enough to start scratch building some more hovels. Tonights film is District 9 which should give me some inspiration...thought I'd put up a pic of my basic materials which cost...well pennies.
Hope to put some work in progress pics on here as things move along...for modern wargaming 20mm is the perfect scale! There is also a whole load of fighters that are on the workbench and completed just awaiting their mug shots.


  1. Good n´. What´s in the plastic tub??

  2. The plastic tub is full of sand from my local beach, I try and collect the coarser stuff as the fine sand doesnt show up enough. The plug cover is going to become 3 seperate fridges!