Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Shanty almost complete

thought I'd post a pic of the shanty I've been working on. The tyres need painting black and I may put some barbed wire here and there. Its been fun and surprisingly easy to construct, its been painted with tester pots from the local DIY and the base was textured with sand from the local beach. Even the base was the bottom of an old drawer...found in a skip! terrain doesnt come much cheaper than this.

I almost forgot...I have a pile of spare tyres acquired from scrap toys bought at car boot sales...I knew I was'nt mad and that they would be used one I just have to source a 1/72nd scale car wreck, does anyone do this in resin?


  1. That looks really great..I mean it. For nothing you´ve created a great little scenario area.
    For the car..? I´d get an ols hotwheels metal one...scratch the heck out of it, dent and bash the roof in...burn it a bit, streak burnt winecork on it to create the effects of smoke and bingo. (good excuse to get a bottle of wine as well ;-) )It will end up looking a bit like this;

  2. Hi Paul,
    thanks for your kind words it spurs me on to do more. I will certainly try the hotwheels car..I have just started to put litter and debris on the base.

  3. That turned out really nice! Wonderfully grubby-looking!