Monday, 21 February 2011

Insurgents, US Army and an upcoming game.

Hi Chaps,
I was tidying my painting area and finding a new home for my 20mm figures so I took a few snapshots, the quality is poor but I will be having my first game later this week with my son who is on half term holiday. Another slum area is almost completeso my 4ftX4ft board will be fairly full, I am working on a map tonight, the game will be more like a police action sweeping an area to uncover weapons and discomfort any wrongdoers.

Plans for a police station have been not yet started!


  1. Very good. i especially like the Zebra stripe cammo (sorry, I don´t know if it´s got a proper name) on one of the insurgents

  2. Great looking figures, sounds like your gonna be having a lot of fun during the school holidays!

  3. Hi thanks chaps...I will plan a military operation (used to do this for a living) and let my son play out the game with me. This should recreate most operations!

  4. Just read my own post! I worked at a very very (OK lowest) level haha dont want to big up anything I did!

  5. Great figures mate.I take it you meant the photo was crap because the painting is cracking.

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Thanks West, very kind words. Makes me want to paint up some Brits.

  7. Looking good, Carl, I have a few 20mm Britannia Brits and Afghans which I am (slowly)finishing off, but 15mm is my favourite scale at the moment as I have very limited time/space/attention span etc :).
    Trouble with me is that I keep jumping from period to period and am still painting stuff from 1996!!