Sunday, 27 February 2011

Village sweep!

I am happy to report that under the most difficult of circumstances my 20mm US plastic men succesfully sept a miniature shanty village with no casualties...great learning curve. Actually I played this solo and the bad guys failed to appear, maybe they knew we were coming? Still it was good to manouvre the little guys tactically-made me nervous!


  1. Nice one, which rules set are you using again, Carl? I tend to stick to AAG and CR 3.0, both of which are excellent and easily adaptable to whatever period you like, which is always handy.

  2. Hi Monty,
    I used a basic version of Rapid Fire, my son is 8 and can understand them. Each time a US figure reached a hut we rolled a D10 wwith 9 or 10 triggering a roll on another table...we found the odd weapon, stolen property but no bad guys!