Sunday, 31 March 2013

20mm and I are back together! (WIP).

I would like to announce that 20mm and I are back together....we had a spat which was all my fault due to my poor judgement and eyesight! In all seriousness I am smitten by this scale again, it is cheap and it can produce good results very quickly. These chaps got a coat of very cheap acrylic and they seem OK to me. In a couple of days my son and I will be taking them on patrol in a miniature landscape.

Next on the list are some Brits and some miniature vehicles-has anyone ordered from the new owner of Britannia miniatures?

I really will sort out how to photograph my miniatures in future! Thanks for looking and have a good easter break.


  1. Wow, they look amazing, fabulous sculpts too.

  2. Thanks Chaps, the first unit is painted and based and will see action tomorrow! I will post pics

  3. hi super paint job , im also thinking of using cheap artist acrylic paints , any chance you could let me know what colours you used for these us troops.
    cheers nick.

  4. Hi Nick,

    the uniform was a Reeves (I think) bought from the Range for £2.00 it is just named Sand. The paint covered well but was a bit shiny. I put a 50/50 wash of Devlan mud and water over it which dulled it down and then just highlighted the raised bits with the sand colour again.

    I will be using these paints more and more as for £2 I dont think that it will ever run out!

    Good luck and let us see your results.

  5. great work! I also use cheap paint and although I do have a few problems here and there on the whole they are fine... using water and mixing is good for really bad paints, but companies like Reeves are good and usually have very few problems.

    nice work and I cannot wait to see some British figures.

  6. Hi, i recently got an order from the new Britannia site and they were delivered very quickly, no probs and i would certainly recommend them. Lovely figures too! If you are interested i recently painted up a company of volkssturm: