Friday, 27 September 2013

Fire Forge Games

Hi Chaps,

A couple of days ago I indulged and bought some figures just for something to paint, Fire Forge 28mm plastic Crusader infantry. These figures turned out to be a really pleasant surprise! Easy to glue together and chunky enough to paint easily unlike Perry twins figures which have too much detail on.

I opted for three figures (mostly) to a base because I thought it looked more natural...if someone is swishing around a sharp pointy weapon I do not think that you would stand too close. Also if I ever paint enough for a game I will probably be playing solo so this keeps my costs down.

Amazon have just informed me that my copy of "In Her Majesties Name" is in the hands of Royal Mail and on its way to me which should provide some interesting reading this weekend! Maybe even a game with my son if I can drag him away from FIFA 13.


  1. The paint jobs and basing look fantastic. Very nice!

  2. They looks great. Ps take the fuse out the plug ;)

  3. Crikey, that was quick work. Those are really nice: a very striking unit!

  4. Excellent, Carl - very nice indeed ;)

  5. keep costs down, mate, consider basing them individually, but with scratch- built movement trays for units - I did it for my Normans and it gives you flexibility across rules sets, too ;)
    Solo play? Have a look at Swordplay Final Version from Two Hour Wargames - cheap and probably the best skirmish man-to-man rules out there IMHO :)

  6. Thanks Chaps, yes the fuse is out! I have missed painting over the last 2 months. Movement trays are the way to go, I will try to make some nice ones. The rules have not yet arrived :( . Buildings are next....
    Keep blogging-the internet is now th best way to gain information on painting, basing, rules etc....very sad for printed media but you chaps are so much more versatile! Thanks for that!!!