Sunday, 29 September 2013

I need rivets damn it! (oh and advice on laser etching)

Hi Chaps,

Fiddling around today and decided I need some small rivets. I have used split red lentils (an idea a Chap passed to me on here) but now I need a smaller rivet of a consistent size!

I once read about a craft punch that someone was using to make these things out of....has anyone done this? Also if anyone has used a laser etching service to make a building/scenery out of I could use a pointer....

In Her Majesties Name should arrive very shortly and I want the scenery to be spot on-in a perfect world I will be making a mold for terraced houses, dock buildings and the like because scribing miniature bricks is the worst fun ever.

Thanks in advance, if all goes to plan I will have a full table by christmas.


  1. One idea I've seen used for rivets is an old Britta water filter cartridge. When you open it up, it's full of tiny little black beads; just drill shallow little holes where you want the rivets and glue them in.

    Alternatively you can get etched brass bolts etc. from

  2. I've used spots of wood-glue applied with a toothpick to do rivets.

  3. Thanks for the replies, I will try the link, I may try using a hole punch.
    Thanks again.