Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Plastic 28mm Templar Infantry

Hi All,

Today saw a rash purchase of Fire Forge Templar Infantry...I would have preferred the more ordinary foot soldiers box but it was too rich for my blood....maybe next week! Anyway the quality is amazing but try as I may I can only get three or four figures onto a 60X40mm base, I have never seen Hail Ceasar but if it anything like Black Powder the number of figures on a base should mean little.

What would you chaps be doing with these? Single bases or units? I may try a mix of both especially with the command types. I will post pics tomorrow as I have 9 assembled and undercoated, happy days settling back into a routine. I have missed painting so much these last few months.

Have fun.


  1. I'd do single bases then get a big base to put them into so you can use them for diffent rulesets

  2. Ditto - movement tray-type set up ;)

  3. Oh Pants!
    I have just based two units up...3 to a base. I have not assembled the command types yet as I may put them onto a circular base. These figures seem chunky compared to Perry miniatures and are easier to paint. I cannot wait for Copplestone to start up in plastic! Darkest Africa, back of Beyond, someone will do it soon I am sure.
    Thanks for the tips Chaps, I think you are probably correct...